Stay Focused

And looking at Jesus as He walked.. John 1:36

We live in a world full of distractions. Because we are inundated with information from every direction it's easy to lose focus. As a believer, the best way to remain focused is to keep our eyes upon Jesus. Rather than look at what someone else is or isn't doing pay attention to what Jesus is doing. Read and meditate upon what Jesus is saying in His Word. Observe the life of Jesus and pray to be more like Jesus. It's when we take our eyes off Jesus that we can quickly lose clear direction. 


Look Out for the Lion

2 Samuel 11:27 But the thing that David had done displeased the Lord. 

I will admit there are stories in the Bible that I find difficult to read. I love the story of David when he slays the giant, but I cringe when I read of him sinning with Bathsheba. David made a series of mistakes that led to his fall. For one thing he should have been out in the battle instead of on the balcony. He put himself in a  place of potential compromise. Next after he saw Bathsheba he should have immediately turned away and repented before the Lord. Yet instead of running from sin he gave into it and the results were devastating. The lesson we learn from the story is not to repeat the same mistakes. We need to avoid at all costs anything that could potentially wreck all that is good and wonderful in our lives. Sin isn't something to dabble in. A little leaven leavens the whole lump. The flesh must be crucified and every thought taken captive to the obedience of Christ. The devil goes about like a roaring lion looking for an opportunity to devour the child of God. If we know that something is displeasing to the Lord let's stay as far away from it as possible. 

Inspired Travel "Travel that Transforms"

Since our return from Israel people have expressed a desire to join us next year. Currently we are in the process of solidifying dates for 2018. Those who travel with us are always blessed by how wonderful the trips are. But I have to let you in on a little secret, the reason why the trips go so well is because of the tour agency we use. Every trip I have taken to Israel has been planned by Inspired Travel.  As a pastor I have many things I am responsible for and my time is limited to organize a tour of Israel. But it's never a problem because Inspired Travel and their staff take care of everything. They handle all of the finances, flights, transportation, meals, hotels, everything. They even meet us at the airport to help all of our travelers get checked in. Whenever we have had any changes that need to be made they are always accommodating. Inspired Travel is the same company that Pastor Chuck traveled with, and after 8 trips to the Holy Land myself I can see why. If there are any pastors out there praying about taking your church to Israel I would highly recommend Inspired Travel. 


So the Lord preserved David wherever he went. 2 Samuel 8:6

The Lord had his hand on David's life. Whether he was facing a lion who attacked his sheep, or giant who defied his people, the Lord preserved and protected his servant. When Saul was pursuing David to put him to death, the Lord kept David safe. It didn't matter what location he was in the Lord was always right there with him. What a comfort to know that the Lord is with us today. He has promised to guide and direct us. He assures us of His presence and that He will never forsake us. 

Israel 2017

We just returned from Israel on Saturday. It was an amazing trip. There is no place in all the world like the Holy Land. Every direction you look correlates to your Bible. Whether you’re on the Sea of Galilee or standing on the Mount of Olives, you are literally walking in the footsteps of Jesus. I have been to Israel eight times but still I learn something new every time.  We are already planning our next trip for 2018. As wonderful as our trip was I am glad to be back with my family and the church body.