Inspired Travel "Travel that Transforms"

Since our return from Israel people have expressed a desire to join us next year. Currently we are in the process of solidifying dates for 2018. Those who travel with us are always blessed by how wonderful the trips are. But I have to let you in on a little secret, the reason why the trips go so well is because of the tour agency we use. Every trip I have taken to Israel has been planned by Inspired Travel.  As a pastor I have many things I am responsible for and my time is limited to organize a tour of Israel. But it's never a problem because Inspired Travel and their staff take care of everything. They handle all of the finances, flights, transportation, meals, hotels, everything. They even meet us at the airport to help all of our travelers get checked in. Whenever we have had any changes that need to be made they are always accommodating. Inspired Travel is the same company that Pastor Chuck traveled with, and after 8 trips to the Holy Land myself I can see why. If there are any pastors out there praying about taking your church to Israel I would highly recommend Inspired Travel.